What We Really Did in Arizona


But seriously, we did do more than just check out all the sharp, pointy flora in Arizona.  We spent four days hiking the Grand Canyon (to be posted under separate cover), a breakfast in Flagstaff, an afternoon beer in Tempe catching up with C’s friend Luke, four days in Tucson visiting with Dave, Katherine, and Anna (‘ah-na’), and a day/night at Organ Pipe National Monument on the way back to CA.


Dave coordinated and led a fun weekend of climbing at Mt Lemmon, their local spot of climbing galore.  Katherine intrepidly carried 11mo. Anna along, demonstrating the great utility of an Ergo baby carrier.  Anna, quite the mover and shaker, enjoyed napping and flinging dirt and rocks and brush about, cleverly maneuvering herself between two joyous activities–getting dirty, and subsequently, getting bathed.  Katherine, with the luxury of extra bodies about, was able to do some climbing.  It had been a long time since either of us climbed, and it was pretty great that Dave chose some great climbs that we could all successfully do (some with a bit more encouragement and minor aid on otherwise trad climbs).  Hooray!


Dave, leading the climb

Dave, leading the climb

M, climbing on

M, climbing on


C, nearly there

C, nearly there



Lucky for us, D & K share a similar passion for good food, and we took turns cooking tasty meals for each other and enjoying fine complementary wines under the guidance of Dave’s local sommelier.  An Indian feast one night, Thai curry another…  We also celebrated Katherine’s birthday together with Dave’s cousin Jason, after the boys went out for an early morning climb and the girls had a mommy group and a lovely day hike with Anna.


Our hosts graciously let us extend our stay a bit, and we spent a day tooling around the local tourist attractions–Saguaro National Park, and a visit to Tombstone, home of the OK Corral, Wyatt Earp history, staged gunfights, and silver mine tours–we found it to be a bit too aggressively touristy, and lacked the deeper interest in the wild west that would’ve made it a more enriching experience.  Ah well.


another way to spend your tourist $ in Tombstone

another way to spend your tourist $ in Tombstone




On the roads in southern Arizona, we crossed a few border patrol stops, one of which seemed a bit puzzling to us.  Just north of Tombstone, signs indicated we should slow for the border patrol.  The strange thing of it was the choice of location.  This border patrol stop was set up immediately after an intersecton to another road that also led up further north (in fact, the scenic road we took in from Tucson).  Which made us wonder, maybe this is just an IQ test for illegal immigrants…maybe, if you’re smart enough to turn to avoid border patrol, you’re totally in…


In conclusion, we had a fantastic time in Arizona.  It was so fun spending time with Dave and Katherine, and getting to know little Anna, who is quite a gifted dancer, vocalist, and deconstructionist.  Thanks for having us over!


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