Late Breaking News

Many of you know that our plan for the first half of 2009 involved spending a few months doing volunteer work in Nepal, followed by a bit of trekking, before returning to CA to find jobs (!?!) and (gasp!) settle down.

Communications with M’s Australian employer have given rise to a new, and at this point, very likely, alternative to Nepal:

We may be going back to Australia.

This time, we’d be in Geelong (pronounced juh’ long), outside of Melbourne (pronounced mel’ bin), so we’d get to see a different part of the sunburnt country.  It’s a six-month gig, so if you, like 97% of all our friends/family, missed the chance to come visit us when we were in Perth, and you’re thinking you’d like to make amends when we’re conveniently in a ‘closer’ and ‘more happening’ city, consider your notice given.  Six months, folks, starting in mid-January.  (But maybe hold off on buying those plane tickets until we’ve got ours…)

Our reasoning thus far: Nepal’s not going anywhere we can’t go to later, and when life hands you the opportunity to live in another country (take heed, future/current college students!), you take it.  Your thoughts?




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