New York, New York

img_0618Yesterday, we took the train down to New York, to take advantage of the ‘sunny’ (but  ‘bitterly cold’) weather conditions.

We set off mid-morning, in time to stroll from Grand Central Station down to Union Square for a nice lunch at The Blue Water Grill, which has become a sort of tradition for us on our jaunts into the big apple. This particular visit was sadly underwhelming. We were seated at a cramped little table for two alongside the bar area, and served by a waiter who could best be described as disinterested. M went for the prix fixe menu: a chowder of some variety (fine), seared skate saltimbocco (salty!), and a cranberry chocolate bar with chocolate fudge ice cream (nice). C went with her favorite choice, the Maine lobster club sandwich (tasty!) with chips.

After lunch, we strolled the Union Square marketplace, filled with crafts, goodies, and holiday shoppers. We browsed the $1 used books at Strand before meeting up with M’s cousin Nickolai, up from New Jersey to spend the afternoon with us.

From there, the three of us headed across to Greenwich Village, and found a nice, toasty warm French cafe in which to sit, sip cups of coffee/cups of cappuchino/soup tureens of mocha, and allow Nick to discreetly eat his falafel and veggie latke without freezing his fingers off. We caught up on each others’ lives, work, and shared tales of travel and adventure. Topics ranged from our recent Colorado Trail experience, to cow poop methane gas stoves, to Nick & Elizabeth’s honeymoon on the island of Dominica (which is holding the lead amongst contenders for the yet-to-be-experienced ‘hers’ portion of our honeymoon).  It was just splendid.

By the time we finished up, it was dark out, and we decided to march all the way back up to check out Rockefeller Center’s holiday bling. We joined the crowds and snapped photos with the tree and the skaters behind us.  Christmas in New York, check.

By this time, we’d earned our dinner, and headed south again to the Chelsea Market, where we dined at The Green Table, a tiny restaurant featuring locally sourced organic foods. By the time we arrived, they’d run out of the duck and sausage gumbo, so M opted for their chicken pot pie, while Nickolai and I both had the mushroom and vegetable pot pie. De lish ous. Mmm mmm good.

We had tentative plans to catch a show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, but the timing didn’t work out, and by the time we finished our meal, it was time to head back to our respective train stations. We shared a cab back, and went our separate ways, after a lovely day of strolling and catching up.

C was unfortunately, suddenly stricken with inexplicable stomach pains upon completion of the fine dinner (hopefully not the cause–it was a tremendously tasty dish!).

Quiz time! When you’re suffering from sudden pangs of nausea, which of the following would you most like to do?
a) take a frenzied cab ride to the train station
b) take an hour long train trip
c) ride in a car for 15 minutes
d) all of the above

Let’s just say, we had to do d). In an act of sheer willpower and much appreciated support and neck-rubbing from M(did we mention the tension headache?), C managed to keep the contents of her stomach contained until we reached home. (There, she unwillingly engaged in excruciating bulemic-like behavior so that she was able to finally lie down and go to sleep…)

All well now though, and truly, despite the tummyache, it was a great day in the city.


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