How to Extend Your Airport Visit

We had the greatest time visiting with Aaron & Eva and our unbelieveably cute godson(s)* in Boston, but had to bid them farewell on January 5th to make our way to Providence, where we’d be flying home, through New York.  (No, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to go from Boston to Providence just to go to New York, but that’s the way the ticket worked.)


For whatever reason, the aircraft was missing at the time of our scheduled departure out of Providence.  By the time it arrived, we were about an hour and a half behind schedule.  We had a slim chance of making our connection in JFK, but we figured, even if we missed it, it’d be a night in one airport or another.  So we tried. 


We landed in New York about 5 minutes after our San Francisco flight was scheduled to depart.  Even if it was delayed, we spent an additional 30 minutes on the tarmac, waiting for the gate to open up so we could disembark.  


An hour or so in line at the Delta ticket counter (3 customer service reps for about 30 people), another hour trying to reschedule us onto another SFO flight, and we were finally set for the night: a night at the Ramada Plaza, and 24 hours until we could try again for that 7:20pm flight.  Sweet.


We do not recommend the Ramada Plaza hotel.  At all.  Not even a little.  The accommodations are basic, the dining options ridiculously overpriced (especially in light of our $7 meal vouchers), and the airport shuttle service is unreliable at best.  To their credit, free WiFi is available. 


But, it was billed to Comair, so we didn’t complain.  Sure beats sleeping at the airport.


The next day, we spent more time in line checking in for our flight, and then waiting to go through the ONE security gate at the Delta terminal.  ONE.  For the whole terminal?!  Seriously?!?!


It is said that the average American spends somewhere between 2-5 years of their life waiting in line.  Thank you, Delta Airlines and JFK International Airport for contributing significantly to this factoid.

*Technically, the title ‘godparents’ only applies for one of the two ridiculously adorable children, but heck ,we’ll take ’em both, really.


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