Give Life: Donate Blood


Our local REI hosted a blood drive today, and we set off this morning to donate. M filled his pint in record time:: 5 minutes!! C took a bit longer, and was a wee bit woozy afterwards, but t’was nothing that the helpful nurses, a cold compress, apple juice, and some snacks couldn’t fix.

For our good deed, we received coupons for 15% off at REI. [Speaking of REI, if you’re in need of various outdoor gear, check it out now, as their ridiculously awesome January clearance is on :: everything that ends in $0.83 is 50% off. Go stimulate that economy!]

To find out where you can donate blood, see Give Life or, if you’re in the Bay Area, check out Blood Centers of the Pacific.  It’s kind of like you’ve got an endless supply of band-aids, and there’s heaps of people with papercuts about.  Take a little bit of time and hand out a few of your band-aids to folks who need ’em.


“All that is not given is lost.”


~ by ... on 10 January 2009.

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