No Smiling?!?

Yesterday, we had to get chest x-rays for our work visas.  Australian immigration officials will not accept the standard PPD skin tests for TB, so chest x-rays are required.  This involves a perfunctory visit to a doctor, for the sole purpose of getting a referral for the x-ray, followed by the actual x-ray at a separate imaging location.


There is much paperwork involved, and the application requests your passport details, as well as a passport-sized photograph. 


Having forgotten that this photograph was required, we were sent off to get one taken at a local camera shop.  We sat down in the little booth, and had our photos snapped.  


But we couldn’t smile.  Or, to be more specific, for Australian passport photos, you are not allowed to show your teeth.  Really.


I don’t know about you, but I had a rather difficult time sitting in front of a camera and not instinctively flashing a big, unacceptably teeth-revealing smile.  (He had to take a second one.)


I know what you’re thinking.  How could you blow such a great chance to practice your ‘fierce’ look for America’s Next Top Model???  Well, I did.  I blew it.  My photo was acceptable for government purposes, but hardly ANTM material.  


Next time.


(M did just fine with his photo)


Bonus: We got to keep our x-ray film!  Do not doubt that these will be up for display in our once and future home!


~ by ... on 12 February 2009.

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