Baby, You’re a Star


piecing the star sides

piecing the star sides


assembling the stars

assembling the stars


finishing the star pieces

finishing the star pieces


figuring out the layout

figuring out the general layout (it's kind of like Sudoku with colors)

I’ve now reached a point where I can’t really move on without assembling the three stars remaining to complete the pattern, and I can’t assemble those stars as I’ve failed to bring extra fabric with me.  Doh!  So it’s now time to determine how much spare fabric I have back home, how much I might need to go out and buy, and how long it will take for it to arrive here for me to sew…  


Thank you to all of you who were able to come to our wedding, for signing in at the ceremony to become a piece of this wedding quilt.  Holler if you’d like to see your finished star, and I’d be happy to send a close-up.  Also, if anyone missed signing-in, please let me know, and I can try to sort out how to get a square to you.


~ by ... on 7 March 2009.

6 Responses to “Baby, You’re a Star”

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  2. That was supposed to be “REAL thing”….

  3. The quilt is gorgeous. We can’t wait to see the READ THING, up close, in just a couple of weeks….Love, S2

  4. I am once again jealous of your creativity!

  5. Great quilt:)

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