You Yangs National Park

Here’s a photo to prove that we have, indeed, left the house on one or two occasions:


Bunjil geoglyph, You Yangs NP

Bunjil geoglyph, You Yangs NP

Last weekend, we went to You Yangs National Park to do a bit of day hiking (as cross-training for the marathon).  We actually meant to go to Brisbane Ranges National Park, but the signs for that national park disappeared as soon as we exited the freeway, so we ended up here instead.  


We linked a couple different tracks (that’s Aussie for trail) and summited Flinders Peak, the highest point in the park at a whopping 340m high!  From near the top, you can see this geoglyph, created by Andrew Rogers to commemorate the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.  Bunjil is the traditional Creator Spirit of the Wathaurong Aboriginal people, represented in the form of a wedge-tailed eagle.


So there ya go.  Something Australian.


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