Who are you? Doot doot, doot doot.

After the F1 race was The Who!  The Who?  You know, The Who.



rockin' out with The Who

rockin' out with The Who

The concert was awesome!  They played every song from CSI, and more!  


These guys can still rock, after all these years.  (We must say, that every time Roger Daltrey swung the microphone around, or Pete Townshend got active with his guitar playing, we got a bit nervous.  They’re no spring chickens, but they sure seem like it — no one got hurt, thank goodness.)  The encore ended up being nearly as long as the main set, and was fantastic (Tommy!).  Pete Townshend did not smash his guitar at the end, but it was a great show anyways.


If I can poach some internet usage, I’ll see if I can’t post a brief little video so you can experience it too.


~ by ... on 30 March 2009.

One Response to “Who are you? Doot doot, doot doot.”

  1. The Who are not old !!! They have just reached their prime. Sounds like you guys had a great time. All is well by the Bay.



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