Hello, Apron

apron front

apron front

apron back

apron back



Not counting the wrist pincushion, this is my first successful attempt at making something wearable from start to finish.  Holla!


Many thanks to Dottie for her pattern on her blog Still Dottie.  I drew out the pattern with chalk based on her pattern’s measurements, only modifying the size of the arm openings (I made them a bit smaller).  I pinned the two fabrics (flowered print front, and a white lining) together, and then cut (after checking all the measurements: measure twice, cut once).  Because I didn’t actually trace the pattern, I cut half of the apron, and then folded it over the other half to double-check on my symmetry (it was off a bit, but I fixed it).  I sewed the patch pockets on before sewing the two fabrics together, so the stitching wouldn’t show on the inside liner.  I’m thinking of adding a bias tape edging all around, but the shops are closed today (Easter holiday includes the Friday prior, and the Monday following here in Oz), so that’ll happen next week.


This apron is much like the one (two) M’s mom has, made by Aunt Jean, and I just love it!


Next on the docket: a smocket!


UPDATE: Bias tape added, and the apron is finished, finished.


finished bias tape edging

finished bias tape edging



Happy Easter everyone!  May the chocolate bunnies be bountiful!

For those of you wanting to have a go at making hot cross buns, I had success with this recipe.  Be careful with the quantities though, as they are separated in the instructions, but not in the main list of ingredients.  (I ended up adding the full amount of flour to the dough, but it came out fine anyhow!)  The spices are nice (we didn’t have ground cardamom), and we recommend plumping the dried fruit (we only had sultanas, a.k.a. raisins) in bourbon beforehand.  Gives it that little extra ‘Happy Easter’! ;)  Also, I found the cross goop to be a bit on the runny side (but then again, I didn’t measure the water I added in…), and if I were to make it again, I might swap the water for milk instead.  Either way, a nice vanilla icing for the crosses is a good addition/alternative.  (no pics–we ate a few and sent the rest with M to work)


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