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From Last Child in the Woods:

As we grow more separate from nature, we continue to separate from one another physically.  The effects are more than skin deep, says Nancy Dess, senior scientist with the American Psychological Association.  “None of the new communication technologies involve human touch; they all tend to place us one step removed from direct experience.  Add this to control-oriented changes in the workplace and schools, where people are often forbidden, or at least discouraged, from any kind of physical contact, and we’ve got a problem,” she says.  Without touch, infant primates die; adult primates with touch deficits become more aggressive.  Primate studies also show that physical touch is essential to the peace-making process.  “Perversely, many of us can go through an average day and not have more than a handshake,” she adds.  Diminishing touch is only one by-product of the culture of technical control, but Dess believes it contributes to violence in an ever more tightly wired society.


Make love, not facebook.


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