love, love, love


in stiches

in stitches

My cousin Sarah is getting married this weekend, so I made a card.  It conjured up all sorts of flashbacks to Montessori preschool and Kindergarten pokey exercises, but on a more flirting-with-blindness scale.  I love pretty little stitched items.


Just yesterday, M was doing the dishes (what a good man I have…), and this dialogue ensued:

M: “I’m a husband.

C: “Yup.”

M: “And you’re a wife.

C: “Yup.”

C: (images of a ’50s housewife in an apron holding a casserole flash by) “Ewww.”

M: “We’re old.”

C: “Yup.”

C: “Boo.”


Pardon us while we pick up the pieces of our shattered world.


~ by ... on 13 May 2009.

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