Baking with Bill

As we approach our vague end-date here, our goals in the kitchen have become more focused on using whatever we still have in the cupboards/refrigerator.  This includes plentiful amounts of sauces, bags of various types of flours and sugars, and assorted frozen vegetable/seafood/fruit.  


This week, I tried out two of Bill Granger’s recipes for baked goods.* 

1. Oat, Pear, & Raspberry Loaf  

2. Triple Berry Muffins 

(Unrelated: Just did a Google search for “bill granger’s triple berry muffins” and the above link showed up.  Oh wow.  How cool is Google Book Search?!?!  Though it feels a bit like cheating…)


Lessons learned:

1. When Bill tells you to line your muffin cups with paper muffin cases, do it.

2. There aren’t that many recipes that involve self-rising flour.  Fortunately, Bill has 3.

3. If you plan on making muffins so that they can be taken to work to be shared (so you don’t end up eating all of them), they need to come out presentably.


This was not my week for baking things that turn out in the form they’re meant to be.  The first turned out to be more of a cobbler than a loaf (at least, at first…after a good, solid cooling, it held up more nicely in loaf form).  The second turned out more like a dozen soft cookie-like muffin tops, and a whole mishmash of crumbly cakey bits.  Both were quite tasty, though not in the expected shape. 


* Bill Granger *RAVE*: Australian post offices are also shops, with stationery, books, giftyitems, etc.  They have fantastic value book sets, including two Bill Granger cookbooks, purchased shortly after arrival in Geelong.  Bill has three restaurants in Sydney, and his cookbooks are the best!  Simple, straightforward recipes that are super tasty and nice.  Check him out (on Google Book Search!).


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