Weekend at the Prom

 Not that kind of prom!  


This past weekend was a long weekend for the Queen’s Birthday (at least, in every Australian state except WA, where the Queen’s birthday is celebrated in October.  No, we don’t know why.), and we took advantage of the extra day afforded to get ourselves out to Wilson’s Promontory (the Prom!), about 4 hours’ drive away.


The Prom is a national park covering 50,000 hectares (125,000 acres) on a peninsula of land east of Melbourne.  The landscape includes flowing rivers, ocean beaches, tea tree forests, white granite rocks covered with bright orange lichen, marshland, and bushland.  Earlier this year, much of the park was heavily damaged by bushfire (ignited by a lightning strike), and only re-opened in late April.  


There is one settlement on the Prom, Tidal River, which is where the campground (some 400+ sites strong), cabins, visitor centre, general store, and cafe are located.  During the summertime, camping bookings are made through a lottery system, as its popularity is tremendous.  Fortunately for us, we are now into wintertime, and the forecast for rain made campsites a bit easier to come by…

the namesake Tidal River

the eponymous Tidal River



Here we are at our home on 5th Avenue:

prime property

prime property

(The green post at the far left shows the intersection of 5th Avenue and BBQ Road.)    


The park is home to large numbers of wombats, kangaroos, possums, koalas, echidnas, and heaps of birds.  Wombats have unfortunately grown accustomed to foraging for people food at the campground and were a common sight waddling about the campsites, as were the possums. 


These crimson rosellas were rather fond of the patch of grass immediately next to our campsite:

in the trees

in the trees



There are a number of walk tracks throughout the park, and we took the break in rain on Sunday to check out the summit of Mount Oberon, the vista at Tidal Overlook, and the view from Pillar Point.  Spectacular.


a break in the cloud cover reveals the view from Mt. Oberon

a break in the cloud cover reveals the view from Mt. Oberon

view from Tidal Overlook (Tidal River to the left)

view from Tidal Overlook (Tidal River to the left)

looking out from Pillar Point

looking out from Pillar Point

I venture to say that we had much more fun at this prom than either of us had at any other prom… ; )




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