Be The Match

I learned yesterday that a girl I went to elementary school with has been diagnosed with Leukemia and is in search of a bone marrow donor.  Though we weren’t particularly close friends, nor did I keep in touch with her at all after elementary school, this is a person I know, and a person who needs help.  We’ve been blood donors, but I hadn’t really thought about donating bone marrow until now.


Be The Match is hosting a Marrowthon from June 8 – 22, where you can register to be a donor for free.  Sign up on their website, and they will send you a swab kit (for cheek epithelials, like on CSI) to send back.  Easy peasy.  If you’re a match to anyone in the system, you will be contacted and informed about the next steps in the process.  If, anywhere along the way, you’re uncomfortable and change your mind, you can.  No pressure, just the opportunity to do good.


[I was having some trouble embedding the video in this post, but you can watch it from the VodPod widget to your right.]


All that is not given is lost.


~ by ... on 9 June 2009.

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