On We Go

A brief update on where we are, and where we’ll be:


On Sunday, we head for points north, where we’ll spend about a week in Cairns, doing a liveaboard dive trip on the outer Great Barrier Reef, swimming with dwarf Minke whales, and taking a few day trips around the area.


Following our north Queensland adventure, we head off for an even more adventurous adventure: three weeks in Papua New Guinea.  We’re looking forward to a trek through highland villages, the Warwagira Cultural Festival, the National Mask Festival, and some tropical island laziness before we venture into “normal” life.  For reals.


We’ll be back home in California on 29 July 2009, and will settle either on the peninsula or in the Sacramento area, depending on C’s job opportunities.  Either way, we’ll be home for at least two years, making these next two years the first that we’ve stayed in one place for that length of time since, well, before college.  We’re looking forward to reacquainting ourselves with our belongings, starting a garden, and possibly adding to our ‘family’….with a dog ;)


We’ll be in touch!


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