Everybody’s Talking…

…about Michael Jackson


May as well:


I grew up a fan of Michael Jackson.  He’s in my iTunes.  I wanna rock with you.  All night.  I think he is an exceptionally talented entertainer, who went from a spotlighted childhood to a troubled adulthood, all under more public scrutiny than any of us would ever care to endure.  (Can you even imagine?)  

With regards to the trials and lawsuits, the fact that no one really knows the truth of it all (save those who were actually involved),  precludes any of us from passing judgement.  I, for one, will give him the benefit of the doubt.  I shudder to think that people might be willing to make false accusations in hopes of financial gain at another’s expense.  Likewise, however, there is no excuse for inappropriate behavior with children.  

Regardless, he is someone’s son, someone’s brother, father of three children, and a man who has made an incredible impact on the music industry as we know it.  


Not too, too long ago, we were talking about Michael Jackson, for whatever reason, and I said to M that I’d like to write him a letter, you know, just to let him know that not everyone thinks he’s totally wacko Jacko.  It saddens me to think that he was just a person, struggling to live his life the best way he knew how.  I never imagine I’d miss my chance so soon.



You remember the good.


~ by ... on 25 June 2009.

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