Signed, Sealed, and Nearly Delivered

Posts have been few and far between, I know, since we returned to the good ole U S of A.  We are also behind on dealing with the absence of free space on the hard drive for downloading our travel photos.  M is back to school, extra-full-time, and I am back to teaching, extra-full-time.  Fortunately, I have survived the first 10 weeks of school and am now heading into our first 3-week intercession.

(During this theoretical “vacation” time, I will be doing a 4-day teacher training and also working madly in the classroom to catch up on the prepping I didn’t do before the school year began.  If that doesn’t sound like much of a vacation to you, it’s because it’s not, really.)

However, our really, really big news is… (drumroll, please) … we will be moving into our new home!  The royal we (M is out of town at the moment, so I had power of attorney, which meant I had lots of extra signing to do) signed the papers today, and we close on Wednesday, at which point, we will take the keys to our new townhome across the bay, and get to work.  M’s parents are flying in to help use paint and install hardwoods (How lucky are we?!) and then we’ll be busy moving in our years of stored items and making the place ours.

Exciting times indeed.

We’ll send out notes with our new snail mail address shortly!


~ by ... on 10 October 2009.

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