Have you Bananagrammed?

M’s friend Bree introduced this game to us a while back, and we’ve since shared the Bananagram joy with many others.  It’s like Scrabble on speed, and way fun, especially if you’re word geeks like us.  It has nothing to do with bananas (aside from the banana sack), or anagrams really (it’s not really necessary to use their suggested banana-related words), but we love it anyways.

So basically, you race against each other as you build and amend your own crossword, adding tile by tile as you finish up, until all the tiles are used (or there is not enough for everyone to take another).  First one finished wins.

We’ve been particularly proud of the use of “adjudicated,” “poultice,” “exhume,” and “pediatric,” among others.  C has the game in her classroom, under the category of “word work.”

Check here to find out where you can get your own set of Bananagrams.


~ by ... on 14 January 2010.

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