Camera Obscura

Our trip into the city turned out very differently than we had “planned,” i.e. we didn’t do anything we went there to do.  It would’ve been hard to spoil a lovely San Francisco day, though, and our impromptu alternatives served us splendidly.

Right by the Cliff House is this little gem:

It’s open sporadically, depending on weather and staffing.  $3/adult, $1.50/children, seniors.  Normally, we scoff at paying for things, but this place is rad.

Inside, the mirrors and lenses in the tower reflect the live images from Ocean Beach and Seal Rock (right outside) onto a concave dish, if you will.  It works like the lenses in your eyes.  Did I mention it’s rad??

The mirror rotates 360 degrees so you can see what’s happening all around.  It’s like an old-school webcam, but bigger.

Seal Rock.  (The seals have migrated up northwards.)

Here’s how it works:

Come on now, how rad is that?!


~ by ... on 28 February 2010.

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