Weekend in Yosemite

It’s been far too long since we were last in Yosemite, and this weekend, we finally were able to go.

We had this vision in our minds that we’d arrive to a snow-covered valley floor to an empty Camp 4 in the winter, and were caught off-guard when we arrive to a dry and (relatively) warm valley floor to an overflowing Camp 4 in spring.  Fortunately, we found a spot to call home for the weekend amidst the spring-breakers and many climbers and crash pads.  M had to do some minor tree surgery to make our picnic bench and fire pit useable (probably why that site was available).  Big thanks go to Sandy and Susan for the Leatherman tool that made the work possible!

On Saturday, we sought out that missing snow, just a short drive up out of the valley to Merced Grove.  The snow was pretty firmly packed for most of the trail to the small grove of Giant Sequoias, but we threw the snowshoes on for the latter bit when the day had warmed up the snow to a slushier version of itself.  ‘Twas a lovely way to spend a few hours, despite M’s usual philosophy of “Why snowshoe when you can backcountry ski?”  (Answer: C does not have backcountry skis, so unless you want to go alone, you snowshoe.  For now, anyways.)

My boots being soaked from the snowshoe trip, we decided to do a “dry” hike on Sunday.  It’s a 3.2 mile hike up to the top of the falls.  A fellow we passed on the way up said the trail was clear the whole way!  Fantastic!

Except he either lied to us, or didn’t actually go up the whole way.  There was a fair bit of snow starting at about halfway up the trail.  Again, the snow was pretty solid (no post-holing), but it did make for a rather slippy journey, both up and back.  Boot-skiing is a little more wet on the feets if you happen to be wearing, say, sneakers, instead of boots, in case you were wondering.

All in all, a splendid weekend in our favorite place.

The end.

(Sorry this read like a juvenile book report.)


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