Artichoke Half-Marathon, Pescadero

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What better way to celebrate 100 miles of hiking than running another 13.1 miles??

The Artichoke Half-Marathon started at 9am this morning, in Pescadero, right about when the rain started steadily falling.  There were about 150 runners entered in the 10k walk/run and the half-marathon, all braving the 30mph winds (that served as both headwind and tailwind, depending on what section of the course you were running).  The course was a bit of a Y-shaped affair, going out and back along the two arms of the Y before returning to the start.  Minus the distraction of the torrential storm, the tour of scenic Pescadero countryside — green farmland and redwood forest — was just beautiful.

It wasn’t my fastest race, but given the weather conditions, I was happy enough with my time.  (Truth be told, the t-shirt and the fresh artichokes would have been enough to make it worth my while.)  The best part was being in Pescadero around lunchtime, and having Duarte’s green chile soup and a loaf of Archangeli’s garlic-artichoke-herb bread after the race.


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