Eating Animals (or, Ignorance is Bliss, but Bliss is Really Yucky)

(The map above shows local farms that practice sustainable farming. Find your area here, at Eat Wild.)

I am mid-way through Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer (yes, his book has usurped Pride and Prejudice — sorry Jane), and am simultaneously jaw-droppingly blown away and morally/ethically conflicted. I have little desire to stop eating animals (note the name of the blog), but at the same time, I want to eat ethically, naturally (and on a not-unlimited budget).

Wendell Berry said that “Eating is an agricultural act.”  Michael Pollan and Alice Waters have pushed the statement further, saying that “Eating is a political act.”  Whatever you believe, the choices you make are important, including what you choose to put on your plate, and in your body. “Every time you make a decision about food, Paul pleaded, quoting Berry, ‘you are farming by proxy.'” (p. 172 Eating Animals)

We do most of our grocery shopping at the local farmer’s market and I do have a rather torrid love affair with Whole Foods (*sigh*).  We have an order in for local, pastured beef and lamb from Stemple Creek Ranch

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