Maker Faire

A few photos from the Maker Faire 2010:

A large, fire-breathing contraption.  There were buttons all around the base to blow flames out of various spots.  Fun for the whole family!  (On a related note, Oakland’s the Crucible had a huge display area showcasing their fire arts.)

There were a number of Art Cars on display.  These cars are all road-worthy and quite a sight.

Applied Kinetic Arts had a display area, and this was one of the featured pieces.  You can see there’s a crank to operate the tongue so that it can lick its way to the center of the Tootsie Pop. :)

There was SO much more — it was a pretty overwhelming, sensory-overload sort of experience.  There was music, food, games, crafting displays and opportunities, local gardening and food producer stands, robotics, and about a billion other things.  We loved this 3D projection dome from Japan — better than Avatar!  Crazy good fun.


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