I only have this picture because M suggested I take a photo to help me remember the flavors as I reported back to him at the end of the line.  As you might tell from the photo, the reflection off the glass made the photos less than desirably helpful in actually remembering anything.  Rose-Vanilla was one of the flavors.

Ici nearly always has a ridiculous line, which yes, has something to do with the fact that once you get into the shop, you get to taste their various flavors-of-the-day, which yes, slows down the line.

Which is not to say that we eschew the tasting once it’s our turn, but we do know which flavors we want to taste, and we limit it to three choices.

That day’s picks: Cinnamon Chile Pepita & Oatmeal Pecan Sour Cherry for M; Burnt Caramel & Vanilla for me.  I tasted the Rose Vanilla (very good) and the Burnt Orange as well (not my cup of tea).  The other flavors I recall were: Lemon Clove, Strawberry Mint Orange Sorbet, Rum Raisin, Blueberry, and Chocolate.  They always have Vanilla (for root beer floats and affogatos), which I love.

The handmade cones are the greatest, the bottoms are filled with chocolate.  They also have handmade sweets — cookies, marshmallows, brittles, etc. — and ice cream sandwiches and bombes.

Be prepared for a long wait, unless you get there right when they open, or at silly times when others are not likely to want to be eating ice cream (when is that?!).  It’s quite a treat though.


2948 College Ave.

Berkeley, CA



~ by ... on 31 May 2010.

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