Mona’s Table

We attended a recent Slow Food gathering at Mona’s Table in Alameda, where Mona taught us a bit about beans (a huge variety of heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo*) and greens (kale chips?  holla!).  It was a lovely evening of tasty food, and delightful conversation with some of Mona’s ‘regulars,’ who raved about her take-home dinners (email Mona to get on her list, and you’ll get the week’s menus — prices are super reasonable, and meals are super tasty!), and her weekend brunch.

We finally made it back for a brunch this weekend:

I had the egg mess of the day (kale, sauteed mushrooms, pancetta, and cheddar) with potatoes and toast.  Yum!

M had the corned beef hash with eggs over easy.  This was a serious plate.  See that sauce over on the right?  That’s mustard caper sauce, and it is a little taste of alright.

Good gracious, this was a delicious brunch!  If you find yourself in Alameda, hungry for something tasty, try Mona’s Table.

Mona’s Table

3215 Encinal Ave, Unit A

Alameda, CA 94501


* We highly recommend the Sangre de Toro beans, and the Yellow Indian Woman beans.


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