On a (Jelly*) Roll

I went berry-picking this morning, in part to scope out the ranch we’ll be visiting on our field trip soon, and in part to load up on strawberries for canning.

(I forgot to bring the camera with me at the ranch, but you can see photos and learn more about Swanton Berry Farm here.)  This is my bounty, picked quick and dirty in record time.  Swanton is an organic, unionized berry farm, and their berries are sweet and red all the way through.

My second small batch followed this small batch strawberry jam recipe.  I followed it exactly.  OK.  Almost exactly.  I put in a little extra lemon juice.

The larger berries with the white cores are from the organic strawberry farm at the local farmer’s market.  You can see the smaller ones from the morning’s berry-picking trip are completely red.  The three ingredients are heated until they look like this:

And then into the jars they go!


Plenty more berries await some new-fangled canning endeavor.  Updates to come!

* Technicalities on jam vs. jelly vs. conserve vs. preserve vs. marmalade can be found here.


~ by ... on 13 June 2010.

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