Small Batch Canning, Take One

Inspired by Alexis’s prodigious canning last summer, I thought I’d have a go. Ripe peaches were on sale at my favorite stand at the farmer’s market ($1/lb!), so I thought I’d try making some spiced peaches.

I only had 13 peaches, so I halved this recipe, and tweaked it a bit (yes, a bit bold considering it was my first time canning, but that’s me and recipes…).

First step is to peel them, and the easiest way is to scald with boiling water and then plunge in cold water:

Boiling water scald first.

After their little ice water bath, they slip out of their skins easy peasy.

Freestones will be easier than the clingstones I used.  They can be canned whole, halved, or in pieces.

Cinnamon and cloves in a happy little cheesecloth sack, to simmer with the syrup.

Ta da!

(No photos of the active cooking stages, or the canning, but this is what they looked like after I set them in the jars.)


~ by ... on 13 June 2010.

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