Hear, Hear!

photo courtesy of Serious Eats

Tom Colicchio, of Top Chef and restaurant fame, spoke before Congress in support of the proposed improvements to the Child Nutrition Act.  A full transcript of his comments can be found here.

Well said, indeed.

This past year, my class included many discussions about making healthy choices.  I did so hoping that perhaps a bit of it would stick, and for many, it did.  Students started looking at the list of ingredients and appreciating that many ingredients aren’t foods at all.  They were asking questions about free-range chickens, and talking about organic foods.  But what about school lunches (and breakfasts)?  A number of my students had no alternatives to the meals they well-knew were NOT healthy (or delicious).  What then?

As for the weak argument that children “won’t” eat healthy foods, Mr. Colicchio said it as best as it needs be said: We are the adults here.  Furthermore, I know for a fact that children WILL eat healthy foods, particularly when they are fresh and delicious.  My students (many who would, indeed, eat their fill of Cheetos and cupcakes when given the chance) were asking for seconds and thirds of kale chips.  Kale!  They wanted to know where they could buy more English peas.  They had a blast picking and eating organic strawberries.  They’ve had a taste, and they liked it.

To find out more about what you can do to show your support for this act, click here.


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