More and More Stemple Creek Love

my new favorite apron

We picked up our Stemple Creek Ranch beef and lamb order on Monday, and promptly filled our freezer with meaty delight.  So far, we’ve only dug into a package of lamb loin — so incredibly tender and delicious.  Mmm mmm.

(not the lamb we ate)

Loren and Lisa (and Avery) held a small farm tour today that I was able to join.  We met up in Tomales and headed up to the ranch, just two miles up Highway 1.  Loren gave us a bit of his family’s history on the ranch, dating back over 100 years (!), and showed us some of the pastures, sharing their environmentally and animally friendly ranching practices — keeping both mother nature and 200 head of cattle + 100 head of lamb very healthy and happy.  We finished up with a BBQ taster (no photos — bah! — too busy devouring delicious meat) at the family home, overlooking Stemple Creek.  Very tempted to eat Stemple Creek beef or lamb every day now for the rest of my life.  It’s that good.  Fantastic.

Loren at one of the many beautiful pastures

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