Wear Your Pants Around Your Neck

Reducing by reusing — a brief photo-essay:

These cotton, jersey-knit pants from freshman year of college.


This tutorial for inspiration.

Snip, snip, snip.  Goodbye seams.

Trim off the waistband, and you’ll have yourself two, wide pant legs.  Go ahead and sew these together, wide end to wide end.  From this, I cut up two long strips, roughly 7″ wide.  From the remaining strip, I cut up a bunch of little strips.  The look is shabby-chic, so go nuts here.  Stitch your little strips to the right side of your pant leg.  Note that the part above your stitch line will curl and flop down and over the stitch line.  You may choose to stitch slightly above the middle so it falls unevenly, so you can see the bottom bit as well.  I have no idea if that made any sense.  Run with it.  There are no rules here.  Shabby chic!!


Once you’ve sewn on all your little strippies, it’s decision time.  If you want, you can layer the two right-sides together to make it into a tube (after you turn it right-side out), or the two wrong-sides together to make a neat double-layer scarf. Your call. (I went the tube route.)  You may want to pin your two layers together at this point since that jersey knit is stretchy.  It matters little if your strips scrunch up under your seams — the centers will still flop over, and that’s the main idea.  Remember…casual!  Shabby chic!!


Ta da!  Your scarf is complete!


Here’s a little detail:

(Yes, the inspiration tutorial produces a neater-looking scarf.  But when life gives me lined paper, I tend to write the other way.)



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