Say Cheese!

Did you know that you can make mozzarella in 30 minutes?!?

Thanks to and the Cheesequeen Ricki, my friend Mark and I were able to have a go at this here cheesemaking.  Awesome.

OK.  So our first batch didn’t quite turn out the way we’d hoped.  We kind of somehow turned one gallon of beautiful Strauss Family Creamery milk into one teeny-tiny bocconcini.  Still.  Cheese.  We made it.

Did you catch that?  We freaking made cheese.

Anyways.  Lessons learned from batch one, we moved quickly on to batch two…


Check it: curds!

Which then got a lovely little warm water bath until it was ready to be stretched:

(It’s a little like a spa treatment, followed by a massage, no?)

We turned out two beautiful balls of mozz.

And then turned out this beauty:

Pardon my French (Italian, in this case?), but… Oh. Hell. Yes.

If our tomatoes were ready, this would’ve been entirely homemade and homegrown.  Homemade dough.  Homemade cheese.  Homegrown basil.


Sometimes, life is truly beautiful indeed.

(Mark gets credit for all the photos.  Like I said before, I’m kind of useless when it comes to stopping to take photos.)


~ by ... on 10 August 2011.

2 Responses to “Say Cheese!”

  1. Well, I’m impressed. Now to buy a cow and do it all.

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