I made a shirt!

You can buy it!  (20% off with promo code: DEALONSHIRTS)

Hayward shoreline birds!


UPDATE:  It has become abundantly clear to us that this t-shirt is only hilarious to, well, us.

An explanation, if you will (at the risk of ruining the punchline by explaining it.  *sigh*):

1. “Plover” is pronounced like “lover” but with a “p” in front.

2. A plover is a bird, as illustrated on the shirt.  They live in abundance at the Hayward shoreline.

3. Virginia is for lovers.  Anyone?  Anyone?

Get it?  Virginia is for lovers?  Hayward is for plovers?  Come on, guys.  Trust me.  It’s funny!  Really!


~ by ... on 23 October 2011.

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