30 lbs in 30 days

Wait, you thought this was a post about weight loss?!?  Have we met?!

No, no, my friends, this is a post about how to use 30 lbs of sugar in 30 days.


(another 5 lbs was drawn from another bag)

Some things you can make:

2 batches of creamy limoncello

quince marmalade

snow sugared cranberries

3 many-appled galettes

a giant batch of peppermint bark chocolate chip cookies

a triple batch of chocolate meringues

a double batch of chai spiced cookies

lemon queresimili

little lemon puddings

smoked sea salt caramels

meyer lemon vanilla bean marmalade

an Irish car bomb cake

lemon chiffon cupcakes with lemon mascarpone icing

a lemon chiffon layer cake with lemon whipped cream

sour cream chocolate chip coffee cake

chocolate self-saucing puddings (I’m counting this, even though it was an epic FAIL.)

chocolate soft-centered puddings

an apple sharlotka


~ by ... on 21 January 2012.

2 Responses to “30 lbs in 30 days”

  1. What the what?! Good job!

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