Way back in February, we attended a Slow Food East Bay workshop on tofu-making at the Hodo Soy Beanery.  Minh Tsai, the founder of Hodo talked about the history of tofu-making and then led us on our first foray into making it ourselves.  Way fun.  (Oh!  We also got to taste a number of delicious tofu/yuba-based dishes made in house. Yum.)

We made this lovely hunka hunka burnin’ tofu love (apologies for the horrible photo):

And what, you may ask, did we then do with this massive brick of soy joy?

We did what anyone  in my family would do.  We took it over to my folks’ place and had my dad turn it into even more amazingness:

Now we’re talkin’.  Thanks, Dad.  You’re the best.

*Apprently, a woman in Colorado had her license plate request denied when she requested ILUVTOFU.  Guess Colorado’s DMV doesn’t love, um, certain activities, quite as much as she does.


~ by ... on 1 April 2012.

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